If you type in www.twitter.com/buschini_lejog in your web browser you will be directed to our tweets.
Can't believe that after 3 months of planning and stressing we will be setting off for Penzance tomorrow. The bags are pretty much all packed and the bikes have been serviced and are ready to go. I have posted some new pictures of our kit and gear. We will try and post a blog each evening once we finish our ride, however if we can't get internet then you might just have to wait until we do get it. We have started a TWITTER page which you can find us by searching for... buschini_lejog or just check out the homepage for updates.The twitter page will let us send a quick one liner so everyone knows whats going on even if the internet is slow. As for pictures, we will do our best to upload them as we go along, but again internet might be a problem. Bon voyage and see you all on the other side!
Just going to pick mark up from the airport... it is really happening - in 2 days we will be setting off!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has donated.  We are happy to announce that we have reached our 2500 pound target and have even started to surpass it. So, we have decided to make a new target of 4000 pounds and hopefully we will be able to raise this amount and give even more to Fleetwood Hospital. Thanks again for all your support and donations it is much appreciated!
I have posted some training pics. They were taken a couple days ago and hopefully we will be ready for the hills!
Yes you have read it correctly... I am doing training! hahaha Well into the training now! Out every morning and doing some long rides at the weekend. Cant wait for the ride now... some pre ride nerves starting to set in now!
I have posted some new pictures on the Pics Tab above... I was outside Aldi in Fleetwood fundraising for the ride. I am not sure how much money we raised as of yet as the donation boxes are locked and I am unable to count it! I will let you all know how much was raised when I find out! I must say thanks to those that helped me on Friday and Saturday... it was boring and tiring at times but well worth it. Thanks to Auntie Sue and Gran for helping on the Friday and Mum and Dad for helping out on the saturday!
Went for my first training ride in the states today. It was really nice to get out and ride after taking a couple days break. The weather is fantastic here, about 25 celsius. The Trek bike feels really nice, I did get a new saddle which makes a big difference to the long rides. Riding and watching football will be the agenda for the next couple days....Come on England! 
The Gazette did an article on us in this evenings paper....take a look!